25th October 2017 @ 10:06 pm – 5th December 2017 @ 11:06 pm
Katari Center

Workshop – Icaro

Icaros are Sacred Songs of the indigenous ancestors of the Amazon, they are used to make calls, to create connections, to cleanse the space and to manifest our prayers in ceremonial rituals

In this workshop you will learn to understand the vibration of each icaro or sacred song in a given moment, thus feeling your vibratory body and spirit connect with the sacredness of your heart.

Shamanic dance

In many cultures dance has been a vehicle to connect with nature and allows us to feel greater union with God. The name “shaman” comes from the Siberians and Shamanic dance reconnects us to the root of where Shamanism began. Shamans are present all over the world in many different cultures including Peru, Brazil, Colombia and more. We dance for the ancestors and ceremonials show our gratitude for our lineage. In each dance we embody animals and the elements of nature to go deeper into our primal self.

Come explore tribal and oxydental sounds to flow with the elements that le within us.

Amazonic Sound Healing

Over time, the indigenous grandparents of the Amazon have used sacred songs to establish connection and perfect relationship with the spirits of the jungle and the elements as part of a living cosmic creation. This has established the perfect balance with Nature, thus harmonizing our own internal nature through sound.

Allow each element and sonorus instrument, each song and vibration with the harmonious intention to balance your internal elements and connect you with nature, thus achieving a harmony of mind, body and spirit